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"What the hell Rick!” One Fan’s Rant On Why Rick is a Dick!


Make sure you have watched Season 4 of The Walking Dead  Episodes 3 & 4 of before reading this rant! 

Ah, yes Rick you couldn’t fool me with that “I’m just a farmer” crap! I knew the “Rictatorship” would rear its ugly head! Great job leaving Carol on the side of the road! It’s awesome how you get to be judge, jury, AND executioner. So, I will take the time to be Carol’s public defender and explain why one Mr. Rick Grimes should not be allowed to be the sole juror in the case of Carol Peletier vs. The Citizens’ of West Georgia Correctional Facility.

*Disclaimer: This rant is not justifying Carol’s actions but rather it is about the moral flexibility of the character Rick Grimes on Show The Walking Dead! Hence, not giving him the right to make the unilateral decision to exile her from the group.

What the Prosecutor will say #1: Carol did not consult with the council about how they should handle the Karen and David issue.

Rebuttal: Ah, yes. But, if this his reason for her exile isn’t Rick committing the same crime by choosing Carol’s punishment without consulting the council? The same council, btw, that Rick wanted to have nothing to do with.

What the Prosecutor will say #2: Carol is a cold-blooded killer, who shows no remorse.

Rebuttal: Your Honor I object! Carol is not a cold-blooded killer. Standing by her decision doesn’t make her cold-blooded it just makes her decisive.

It’s clear in the conversation they have at the end of the episode  “Indifference,” that she does feel remorse. She is, however, sticking with the concept, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” (Hey, it worked for Spock!)

And talk about heartless! Rick turns his heart against her even with the gut-wrenching plea from Carol where she cried, “you know me.” He is disregarding 3.5 years of history together and throwing her out on her ass! Classy, Rick!

What the Prosecutor will say #3 :  Rick’s former career as  sheriff and leader of the group gives Rick has a right to decide Carol’s fate.

Rebuttal:  Rick made it clear he is done with leadership. But, Rick does like to take power when it’s convenient for him. Rick exercising power at his discretion is an abuse of power! Isn’t that what Rick is currently accusing Carol? He flat out told her she had no right to make the decision to about Karen and David without consulting the group… double standard, anyone?

What the Prosecutor will say #4 :  Look at the way Carol had a blatant disregard for the safety of the two drifters they came across when they went out looking for meds.

Rebuttal: Passive aggressive much, Rick? If you are so against the girl with lame leg and the boy with the impaired shoulder helping to canvas the neighborhood then you should have been more aggressive with your protest. How about clearly saying, “Carol, I don’t agree, and I say they stay here!” This is a prime example of Rick checking out of the leadership role when it’s convenient for him.

What the Prosecutor will say #5 :  Rick didn’t need to consult the council because he was doing this for his family. He doesn’t want a murderer or someone with unpredictable morals being around his children. This was a personal choice.

Rebuttal:  I cry foul on this line of logic! He let Merle into the group knowing full well Merle killed people. Innocent people. Where was this fear of having a murderer around his kids when he brought Merle into the prison? Not to mention, that Merle tied Glenn to a chair and tried to feed him to a zombie! Merle also, hand delivered Maggie to a man that humiliated her and threaten to rape her. Rick can’t play this “I don’t want a murderer in our group” card now. To late! Been there, done that!

Carol on the other hand dealt with Merle in the following manner: But of course you wouldn't know that because they deleted the BAD ASS Carol scene. Typical!

What the Prosecutor will say #6 :  If it had still been a “Ricktatorship” this would have never happened! Carol should have never been given any power because she is incapable of making smart choices.

Rebuttal:  Right, because Rick's time of “insanity” and indecision never put others in danger.  Let’s face facts here, a lot of people died on Rick’s watch and many of those lives are on his head!  Heck, he even put his own life in danger by ignoring all the crazy crap Shane was doing. And at one point Shane even tried to clearly kill Rick during the chaos of a zombie attack in season 2.  And how did Rick handle Shane’s murder attempt? He let him back into the group only to be threatened by him again thus having to kill Shane in self-defense.

In season 3, he made the “wise” decision not to kill Andrew, instead making sure he was dead. He chooses to leave him to his fate with some walkers, and we all know what happens next. Andrew comes back to seek revenge and the zombies that Andrew unleashes on the prison kills T-Dog, and his own wife Lori. Carol, herself, almost died in this attack.

Oh, does anyone remember the “smart” advice Rick gave Sophia, “You hide right here in these bushes and I’ll come back for you.”  I am 95% sure if it had been Carl running from those zombies he would have never left him alone in some bushes. He would have stayed and fought to the death!

But my favorite morally questionable decision that Rick makes is  “Let’s give Michonne to the Governor. To save our own Asses!” If Herschel hadn’t been there to change Rick’s mind, Michonne would have been tortured and killed by the Governor and we all know that the Governor would have attacked Rick’s group anyway.

Do I even have to bring up the Hostage, Randall, in season 2? Well, I’m going too! Rick decides they must kill Randall to save the group from Randall’s people.  Rick even help beat down Dale’s “let keep him a prisoner” idea. Yes, Mr. Flexible Morality strikes again!

I could go on, but I feel these are more than enough example of some of Rick's bad decisions!

What the Prosecutor will say #7 :  Carol is constantly whiny, and is so dependent  on others! She is just so useless. If Rick hadn’t been protecting her she’d be dead by now. Good riddance! Rick on the other hand has never needed anyone to save his ass!

Rebuttal:  Oh, really!?

“Wow! How is Carol able to kill all those walkers attacking Rick with all those tears in her eyes?”

Photo Source: AMC 

“Whew! Lucky Rick was there to kill that zombie for Carol!”

Photo Source: CherokeeRoses4Caryl

“You would not believe how much that Carol whined about having to practice performing a C-section on a zombie. Just in case she was the one who had to safely delivery Rick’s baby. For heaven sakes all that women does is bitch about the smallest chores!”

Photo Source:

“Thank goodness, Rick was able to get out of that tight spot with those zombies all by himself! NOT!"

   Ok, I’ll stop ranting I think I’ve made my opinion clear. “Rick made a HUGE mistake taking it upon himself to decide Carol’s fate. It should have been a group choice”

That being said, I want to state for the record that I am not convinced that Carol killed Karen and David. I believe she is protecting someone. A child maybe, a child who might be feeding rats to zombies because she thinks they are people in a new form? That’s right, I think Carol caught Lizzie killing Karen and David then burned the bodies to cover the crime and is now taking the blame. NO, I haven’t read the comics so I’m not bringing spoilers to the game. It’s just I think there is something very fishy about that kid! Lizzie’s own sister told Carol something is wrong with her. 

I’m just sayin’

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vive La Révolution- Resistance Fighters in Scifi/Fantasy

Today is Independence Day! The idea of underdogs fighting a quest for freedom against a powerful enemy is a common theme in fiction. Rebelling against alien races, futuristic/oppressive governments, killer robots, or evildoers is the foundation on which much of scifi/fantasy is based.  These resistance fighters are so inspirational that it is the bases of most fandoms. So, I thought today would be a great opportunity to pay tribute to my favorite fictional freedom fighters!

Star Wars-The Rebel Alliance: 
The Rebel Alliance is fighting the Galactic Empire in a hope to reestablish the principles of the Old Republic.
Notable Fighters:
Princess Leia Organa
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo 

Firefly-The Browncoats:
Ahh… poor Browncoats, they actually lost their battle with the Alliance in the Unification War and since Fox axed any possible future rebellions the fight of the Browncoats only beats in the heart of every fan! 
Notable Fighters:
Malcolm “Mal” Reynolds
Zoe Washburne

Stargate SG-1-The Jaffa Nation
The Jaffa people were slaves to false gods and with the aid of the Earth’s SG-1 team found the courage to fight and win against their oppressors and become the Free Jaffa Nation. Indeed!
Notable Fighters:

The Matrix- The Human Resistance
The Matrix Robots have driven the last remnants of humanity into caves deep under ground.  But, not to worry the human resistance has found a way to “pull the plug” on the Matrix and rescues humans from their virtual captivity and pursues a full-scale revolution against them.
Notable Fighters:

Battlestar Galactica (2004) –Humans Vs. Cylons
Hmm…rebellions go both ways here! Cylons rebelled against the Humans, their creators in extreme attempt at genocide. Then the last remaining humans turn around and retaliate hardcore! The New Caprica Rebellion even had the humans attempting suicide bombings and other extreme terrorist tactics.  You’ll have watch if you want know how this bloody war ends!

Notable Human Fighters:              Notable Cylons:
Commander William Adama            There are12 models
Lt. Kara “Starbuck” Thrace              Most common 6, 8, 3 and 1!
Capt. Lee “Apollo” Adama
President Laura Roslin 

Harry Potter – Dumbledore’s Army/Order of the Phoenix
Two generations of wizards who come together to fight Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters.

Notable Fighters 1st Gen:          Notable Fighters 2nd Gen:
Albus Dumbledore                      Harry Potter
Lily/James Potter                        All the Weasley Children
Molly/Arthur Weasley                 Hermione Granger
Sirius Black                                Luna Lovegood

The Terminator- John Conner and The Resistance
That clever John Conner, he keeps sending agents and altered terminators back in time to prevent the Machines from taking over the world. Unfortunately, his attempts fail and The Resistance is still fighting in the future!
Notable Fighters:
Kyle Reese
Sarah Conner
Terminator / T-800

The Hunger Games- The Districts VS. The Capitol 
 The Hunger Games victor and reluctant leader Katniss Everdeen leads a rebellion to overthrow President Snow and other possible political dictators!  
Notable Fighters:
Katniss Everdeen
Peeta Mellark
Gale Hawthorne 

Star Trek DS9/Voyager -The Maquis
The Maquis rebels were made up of Federation colonies and discontented Starfleet officers who came together to fight the occupation of their lands by the Cardassians. Starfleet considered them traitors because the were rebelling against a Federation/Cardassian treaty.
Notable Fighters:
Thomas Riker
Ro Laren
B'Elanna Torres

Fringe- The Anti-Observer Movement VS. The Observers
When the Observers seized control of the past, the humans quickly banded together with a resistance movement! When prominent resistance fighter Etta Bishop was killed by an Observer her image quickly became the face of the movement. Resist! 
Notable Fighters: 
Henrietta "Etta" Bishop
Phillip Boyles

Falling Skys -The 2nd Mass

After  an Alien take over of Earth the Aliens Kidnap and harness all the children for their own purposes. The military unit the 2nd Massachusetts keeps up the good fight! They pick up civillians along the way.
Notable Fighters:
Captain Weaver
Tom Mason
Hal Mason 
Maggie (why no last name???)
The Berserkers

While I could go on and on about rebel forces, I'll just mention a few more of note and wish everyone a Vive La Révolution!
  • The Brotherhood in George Orwell's 1984
  • Wolverines- Red Dawn
  • The Resistance - V
  • Humanity -Independace Day
  • V for Vendatta
  • Tron-Master Control program
  • Bab 5-The Shadows